Ambitious in Mauritius: Things to Fit Into Your Trip

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While famous for being the home of the dodo, there’s plenty of life in Mauritius yet. With tropical climes, chains of mountains and coconut palms aplenty, Mauritius remains a stalwart supplier of sun soaked indulgence, but there’s more to the North Indian Island than simple lazy lounging. The island is a veritable cultural melting pot that stirs up a heady brew of Indian, Chinese, French, British and African influences.

Each of our three resorts offer something decidedly unique for your all-inclusive luxury holiday with the utmost refinement.

Located in one of the few remaining remote creeks on the island, La Plantation d’Albion Club Med is set amid some 65,000 square metres of gardens, brimming with lush vegetation including cacti, tamarind and the imposing banyan trees.

Ornamental ponds and water features abound here, framing the majestic ruin of Fort d’Argenson with suitably grandiose flair. Just a few hundred metres from the resort’s centre, you’ll also find two white coral sand beaches, sheltering in the coral reef.

For the ultimate luxury stay, you can enjoy one of our private Albion Villas, replete with your very own butler to attend to your needs, a private chef to cater for any special occasions and unlimited access to the splendid 18-hole Tamarina Golf Course.

At La Pointe aux Canonniers, flamboyant flora and fragrant frangipani sit side-by-side with invigorating watersports, coral beaches and underwater exploration for younger guests, amid a purpose-designed space reflecting the mysterious depths of the seemingly endless Indian Ocean, which surrounds the resort.

Scuba diving, sailing, waterskiing and wakeboarding are all taught here, courtesy of our sailing and watersports academies (both inclusive), to help you make the right kind of splash.

Stay in an elegant bungalow, where subtle touches of charming Mauritian décor blend in with more contemporary elements.

Go for the Big Fish

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could always opt for one of our special activity-focussed excursions. Since westerly currents here throw up a range of exotic big game fish, you may fancy trying to land a prized black spearfish, barracuda or bonito for your supper.

Submariner for a Day

For a truly memorable holiday activity, diving in your very own submarine for a day is pretty hard to beat!  Plunging some 35 metres down into the Indian Ocean amid its exotic flora and fauna is likely to bring you an even deeper appreciation for this vast body of water.

Safe Fast Safaris

Back on dry land, you could find yourself zipping around the Yemen Nature Reserve, as you weave your bike among the hordes of protected zebra, deer and ostriches that make this their home on a quad safari affording views of the ocean and sugar cane plantations.

Mauritian Colours

Prefer something a shade more laid-back? Why not embark on a cultural odyssey exploring the Eureka colonial house where you can taste some vanilla tea, before visiting the Anthurium Plantation, the temple and a sacred Hindu lake. After a leisurely lunch, you’ll also get ample time to admire the waterfalls and multi-coloured sands of Chamarel.

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