The Youthful Traveller Knows No Boundaries

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It seems that the younger you are, the greater your thirst for adventure. But, how do your childhood travels influence your desire to explore foreign lands when adulthood rears its head?

Research by Club Med has highlighted that a new generation of travellers have brought with them an entirely fresh outlook on travel, journeying longer distances and spending much more on their getaways.

So, what is driving Brits to branch out and explore exotic worldwide destinations?

Well, it seems that advances in technology have played a big role in broadening the minds of today’s travellers. The younger generation now have access to a range of holiday and hotel reviews and are much more committed to documenting their own adventures online, which in turn encourages others to follow in their footsteps. With 71% of young travellers using the internet to plan their trips and 52% of UK holidaymakers using social media for inspiration, it’s no wonder that today’s travellers feel more confident going further afield.

The bold travel choices of today’s jetsetters is also down to the fact that more parents are taking their children away on far-flung luxury holidays, with destinations like Malaysia, Indonesia and Madagascar becoming increasingly popular. The vast array of family-friendly resorts available, from providers such as Club Med, could also be an influencing factor in this attitude. By offering the ultimate combination of luxurious surroundings and a plethora of activities, it’s easier than ever to introduce your children to new locales whilst enjoying the comfort of all-inclusive.

Are you opening the minds of the next generation of travellers through your choice of family holiday destinations? Take a look at Club Med’s infographic below to see how your next trip could influence your children’s approach towards culture and travel…


Young In Age But Wise in Travel – Young Travellers Infographic by Club Med

Club Med_travel_infographic

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