What to Eat on Your Skiing Holiday

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Eating the right things on a day-to-day basis is a struggle for most of us; whilst many of us understand the benefits that come with having a balanced diet, it isn’t always easy to stick to, particularly if you’ve got several mouths to feed. When you’re skiing however, what you’re eating is of even greater importance. Graham Bell shares his thoughts around eating well when you’re spending a lot of time on the slopes.


We’ve heard it time and time again – breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when you’re constantly exercising, it’s even more significant. Try and eat lots of complex carbohydrates that will release energy slowly throughout the day. Graham points out ‘Club Med resorts will always offer a wide range of choice: from muesli, to porridge, to a hearty cooked option.’ Muesli is particularly good as it contains both carbs and oats, ensuring your muscles are supported throughout the day.


Although many skiers are forced to either return to their hotel for lunch or pay through the nose at pricey mountain restaurants, Graham notes that Club Med’s resorts often have Alpine Altitude Ski Restaurants, which are great places to get a healthy meal at no extra cost. In these instances, take advantage of the fresh produce – salads, fruit and vegetables are a rarity in the mountains, so make the most of these healthy snacks when they’re available. Again, carbs are a good option for slow energy release. French tartiflette, one of Club Med’s most popular dishes, is a filling potato dish that should keep you fuelled up for a good few hours.


For Graham, dinner is ‘the biggest meal of the day’, but advises that ‘the quantity should depend on how much food you have eaten during the day and how much energy your body has stored.’ If you aren’t a big breakfast person then it’s even more important to get a good dinner, as the energy from this can keep you running into the next morning. For families with fussy eaters, you can rest assured that Club Med’s wide range of both international dishes and local cuisine is sure to provide something for picky taste buds.


As Graham acknowledges, ‘You burn a lot of energy when skiing, and normally three meals aren’t enough to keep you going.’ By bringing snacks in a backpack, you can avoid having grumbling tummies and low energy levels. Energy drinks and small, sugary snacks, such as Haribo or a chocolate bar, are fine to take out on the slopes, as you’ll burn the energy off relatively quickly. Granola bars are a good alternative that provide something a little more healthy to get your mouth around.

So now you know what to put in your belly, you can ensure that hunger pains are kept at bay and that you and your family perform as you should when you’re out skiing – now that’s food for thought!

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