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You may know Italy as a tranquil Mediterranean paradise – the perfect place to relax, unwind and soak up some much needed sun amidst the olive trees and splendid seas. However, Club Med is helping hundreds of families to discover Italy and its vibrant alter ego – a slightly wilder side, rife with activities that visitors of all ages can try between stints of sunbathing.


Family ski holidays aren’t limited to the more well-known French Alps or Swiss Alps – the Italian Alps are just as impressive and accommodating, featuring classes for all skill levels. Imagine the sense of freedom and adventure that your whole family will feel as they speed down the beautiful slopes, pine trees and endless lengths of glittering snow sailing by. You could even try snowboarding to really indulge your daring side.


For families looking to spend their Italian escape soaking up a warmer climate, sailing is the perfect activity with which to while away the hours. The Club Med ‘Sailing Academy’caters for every age group and skill level, meaning everyone has the chance to experience an intoxicating taste of the high seas. Italy’s beautiful coastline and crystal clear waters just go to show that you don’t have to fly to a tropical climate to go sailing in paradise.

Flying trapeze

Imagine the glee on your little ones’ faces when they discover that they can fly! Children as young as four can experience this unique activity at our Club Med resorts, with classes tailored towards the varied requirements of each age group. Our specially trained G.O’s will ensure that both you and your children get the most out of your classes, and will help you work towards soaring with the striking grace of a circus performer.

Guided walks

With so much history, culture and natural beauty to explore around Italy, guided walks are the best way to ensure that you see the very best of it. With help from our guides you will experience authentic Italy – everything from its cobbled streets to active volcanoes – in a way that will inspire your children’s curiosity and stimulate your sense of wonder.


We’re privileged to have resorts by some of the most picturesque beaches in Italy. Soft sand and pine groves provide the perfect holiday backdrop, while the soundtrack of the softly lapping sea is enough to calm even the most overworked mind. It is beneath the translucent sea, however, where the adventure really begins. A world of complete peace and beautiful wildlife awaits adventurous snorkelers, populated by everything from vibrant fish to delicate plant life.


An adventure doesn’t always have to be fast-paced and adrenaline-charged – it could simply involve hours of exploring the world outside your resort. Italy is bursting at the seams with charming architecture, engrossing history and world-renowned food, so go out and experience it all as a family. Walk the charming alleyways and cobbled streets of the surrounding villages, taste authentic pasta dishes at small local restaurants and lose yourself in ancient churches, temples and ruins.

Whether you are dreaming of family ski holidays or endless days exploring the local surroundings, you will never be short of things to see and do in Italy. Combining rustic charm, breath-taking scenery and lashings of culture with adventurous pursuits and just enough modernity, it is a country that never fails to captivate.

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