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Safety on the slopes

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Ski safety tips

If you’re planning to book one of Club Med’s great value Ski holidays in France at Tignes Val Claret or perhaps another resort this year, then now might be a good time to start thinking about how you and your family can prepare for the trip in advance and stay safe on the slopes. Follow these simple tips to ensure your exciting ski break is free from incident – and your bones free from breaks!

Get in Shape

An intensive week or more on the slopes can be quite a shock to the system, so it pays to tune up your general fitness before you go and minimise the risk of injury and fatigue. Fitness experts recommend you start your training regime at least six weeks prior to your trip and practice a regular programme (at least 20 minutes several times a week) of aerobic exercise such as cycling, rowing or running alongside specific exercises that will give your leg muscles the workout they’ll need. Check out this post on how to get fully fit for the slopes.

Take a Breather

Skiing can be a pretty vigorous business, you’ll burn calories quickly and the effects of altitude will work to zap your energy further. Many skiers ‘hit the wall’ at a certain point in the day. Don’t push yourself too hard, especially on the first few days. Make the most of breaks catching your breath in the queue for the ski lift and at regular points throughout the day. Remember to pack and drink lots of water to keep your brain and body sharp.

Know your Limits

How good are you at judging your proficiency on the slopes and when was the last time you skied? Err on the side of caution and don’t overestimate your abilities by tackling runs you may not be ready for. Make the most of the inclusive, expert tuition we provide to assess your skill level and take guidance from experienced staff. Follow the clearly marked trails, don’t ski off-piste and stay focussed and aware of other skiers to prevent accidents.

You’re bound to feel some muscle burn, but listen to your body and take notice of any muscle cramps that could wipe you out on the slopes. If in doubt, call it a day and come back afresh tomorrow, those mountains aren’t going anywhere!

Keep an eye on Kids

On a family trip with a range of abilities, it’s vital to know where your children are and how they’re getting on. Make sure your kids are properly supervised and take advantage of our professional ski schools, with tailored lessons for different age groups, from the age of 3 upwards.

Get the right Kit

While you can hire all the equipment you’ll need on the piste, it pays to invest in some good quality ski goggles, protective headgear and helmet liners. Prepare for the weather by wearing breathable layers and bring spare gloves in case yours get wet on the slopes.

Know the Code 

Respect others on the slopes and familiarise yourself with the Skiers’ Code before you go, as set out by the International Ski Federation.


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