How to get Ski Chalet Style at Home

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One of the best things about escaping for a ski holiday is, undoubtedly, the accommodation. After all, what could be more wonderful than curling up under a blanket in front of a log fire, nursing a glass of mulled wine and watching the light from the flickering flames dance across your chalets exposed roof beams? There’s just one problem: you have to leave it all behind at the end of your break!

Fortunately, you can replicate ski chalet style in your own home, by taking inspiration from a few essential design elements.



It may be warmer back home, but throw blankets can be just as decorative as they are comforting. Lay one across the foot of your bed to brighten up your bedroom, hang one across a back wall (tapestry style) or throw them casually over your sofas for those chilly evenings.

Knitted numbers, woollen beauties and checked blankets will really help develop the ski chalet look!

Rich colours


Nestled amongst pine woodland and traditional architecture, there are certain colours associated with ski chalets. Namely, deep, rich shades of red and green that evoke the great outdoors, alongside neutral creams and soft greys. Just remember not to go too full on: neutrals are great for everything from walls to bedding, while darker shades are best employed sparingly in things like cushions and blankets.



What would a ski chalet-style interior be without wood? It’s everywhere, from the floor to furniture. Of course, you don’t have strip back your entire house to inject this element of the look into your abode – try a few key placements.

Exposed floorboards are a timeless trend, whether painted or simply sanded and polished up. Wooden furniture is another easy win, especially if made from reclaimed wood: the perfect material for a striking coffee table.

A roaring fireplace


The centre of any chalet, the fireplace is where skiers gather to thaw out with a hot drink and good company. It’s also one of the easiest elements of ski chalet style to employ in your own home.

Adding a comforting glow alongside warmth and the reassuring crackle of logs, you’ll be instantly transported to a winter wonderland.

Exposed roof beams


On trend and oozing charm, exposed roof beams are an interior design favourite. A regular fixture in ski chalets and log cabins, you’ll find them in varying styles, from rugged and natural to polished and painted. The style you choose for your own home is up to you: cottages tend to suit the natural look, while exposed beams in modern homes look striking with a lick of white paint.

Plush rugs


There’s nothing more luxurious than sinking your toes into a gloriously plush rug. It’s little surprise they’re such a fixture in chilly Alpine accommodation!

You’ll find fluffy sheepskin rugs, or even thin cowskin rugs adorning bedroom and living room floors, both of which slot seamlessly into the majority of interiors. If you’d prefer a faux alternative, there are plenty of affordable lookalikes that you’d never guess weren’t the real thing.

Statement ceiling light


The chalets you’ll find on luxury ski holidays don’t do things by halves, often incorporating statement ceiling lights that leave a lasting impression. Chandeliers, art deco fittings and lights encased in antlers are common, but if you want to bring the ski chalet trend up to date for your own abode, why not think outside the box?

Copper shades, wire light casings and filament bulbs all look fabulous, and slot into Alpine-inspired interiors incredibly well.

If you’ve been dreaming of an interior to remind to remind you of your snowy escapades, these interior tips are a sure-fire way of turning your home into a piste-side retreat away from the slopes. Will you be giving any a try?

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