Where to Welcome Winter With Open Arms

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As the days continue to get shorter and the cold nights draw in, we’re all donning an extra layer or two and getting set for the coming winter months. But have you considered going somewhere that allows you to fully embrace this most underrated of seasons?

Here is a list of some of the best places around the world for those looking to embark on a snowy break.

France: The Alps

The Alps are home to the highest mountain range in Western Europe, and luckily for ski enthusiasts, height goes hand in hand with snow. As well as having height on their side, The French Alps are also home to one of the most beautiful vistas you can imagine. The stunning examples of food and unparalleled wines also help to make the region a must-visit location.

Iceland: Reykjavik

Icy by name, icy by nature; there’s no doubt that Iceland is an ideal getaway for those who don’t mind the cold. There is no end of chilled out excursions and exhilarating adventures to keep you entertained while you’re there: pay a visit to the Blue Lagoon, the geyser fields and even go glacier walking on Europe’s biggest glacier! You might even catch a glimpse of the northern lights, if you’re lucky.

China: Yabuli

Fancy visiting somewhere further afield? Home to China’s largest ski resort, Yabuli is a paradise for those that love snow sports. It’s also the place where China’s national teams do all their training, which speaks volumes for this snow-blanketed haven. There’s ample snowfall in the region for those wanting to partake in snow sports, and snowfall can even continue through to early summer. If, for some reason, you didn’t have enough snow, however, the fleet of snow-making machines will soon rectify the matter.

Alaska: Girdwood

Another place to enjoy a far-flung escapade in the snow is Alaska’s Girdwood. This former gold mining town is frequented by a huge mix of tourists, who return year on year for the beautiful food, rich history and unparalleled skiing conditions. Having said that, there are by no means huge hordes of people – crowds are virtually non-existent, especially in this unassuming hamlet of 2,000 people.

Switzerland: St. Moritz

With its mountains, forests and even its own lake, the picturesque town of St. Moritz is the perfect place for a winter escape. There is no end to the activities you could opt for when you’re there, with skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and tobogganing being just a few! When it comes to the après ski scene, you can expect a fair bit of glitz and glamour and even the odd celebrity spot if you get your timing right! After all, Claudia Schiffer, Robert De Niro, Robbie Williams and Elizabeth Hurley are amongst the celebrities who enjoy holidaying in the area, so you might well be rubbing shoulders with the stars.

There are certainly a lot of options for those who want to fully commit to snow season! Where would you choose to go on a winter adventure?

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