Becoming Bilingual: Five of the Best Language Apps

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Being bilingual is a skill that is appreciated by many: from trying out a new language with locals, to impressing friends from other countries, and helping you get by in business, being bilingual is an admired quality. When starting out on your foreign language voyage, there is a plethora of apps and websites on offer to help begin your learning journey and we’ve compiled five of the best.


iTranslate is a free translator available on iPhone, iPad and Apple watch. Users are able to speak into each device and iTranslate will text with a translation across 90 different languages. iTranslate also provides options such as a dictionary and voice-to-voice translation.

Although not technically an app, Reverso does boast a handy translation tool intended to help when writing in multiple languages. Their online dictionary has a number of languages, enabling users to translate words and phrases, along with checking grammar and new context option.

Google Translate

Recently updated, Google Translate allows text translation in 90 languages, speech translation in 40 and also boasts a camera feature for 26 languages. Allowing for offline translations, once language packages have been downloaded, you can quickly use this app when on the go. Available for both Apple devices and Android.


Award winning language site Babbel, has a free app available to help you get started. The speech recognition feature is particularly helpful when it comes to trying out your new found skills, whilst the basic and advanced tests mean those of all language levels can improve.

Pim Track

Pim Track is a language app for children: designed as a fun and simple way to learn another language at an early stage. Featuring eight different languages, Pim Track provides useful imagery, pronunciations and easy to learn wording to help your children learn dialects such as French, Spanish and Mandarin, to name but a few. Starting language education at a young age is shown to be beneficial, so get your children involved early on this fun and educational challenge.

Experiment with something new in 2016, improve your travels and abilities by learning a new language. After all, locals will respect your efforts and you’ll have a skill to add to your CV should you need to.

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