Five Ways to Keep Little Hands Busy on the Plane

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Booking a family trip is an exciting time for all involved: it’s a chance to spend quality time with each other and relax in your surroundings. But first, you have to get there, and for those travelling with children, you may find that the plane journey is not always the easiest feat to endure. We’ve pulled together five key ways to help keep your little ones occupied for at least some of the flight.

Colouring in

Whether you’re travelling on a short flight to your destination of choice, or to a long haul destination, colouring in is an ideal way to keep children quiet whilst encouraging them to explore their creative side. Stock up on a range of scenes or themes to keep them entertained as you fly. Colouring is also known to have a calming effect for adults too, so why not join in the fun and show your children that this can be a group activity?

Handy apps

There are many apps available for children if you’re planning on taking technology away with you. Pre-empting your tech before you fly is vital, as you won’t necessarily be able to access any on-board Wi-Fi. BBC iPlayer allows you to download your child’s favourite CBBC or CBeebies programmes to catch up on when flying, whilst games like Dinosaur Mix, Minecraft and Toca Mini are guaranteed to distract your children for a couple of hours.

Story time

Reading is a simple yet effective way to get your children to sit and unwind. Don’t forget to pack a few favourites in their hand luggage, along with a couple of new ones to keep them entertained. Alternatively you could try Me Comic, an app that is free to download on iOS and Android, offering a wide range of children’s magazines. Audio books are also an alternative way to have story time whilst flying =- just make sure to pack headphones!

Easy printables

The internet is a haven for free printables, anything from games, colouring in pictures and things to make are available. Due to flight restrictions you may not be able to get super-crafty mid-flight with scissors and glue, so it may be best to opt for games like this Crayola travel memory game or this Disney Family activity sheet to give you a good starting point.

Portable games

Portable games range from hand held consoles, to classic card games like Top Trumps or travel-sized Scrabble and Monopoly. Get the whole family involved and keep the games on rotation with the rest of our handy list to avoid boredom.

Classic guessing games are also fun to try if you’re limited on luggage and many planes offer in-flight entertainment, should you really run out of things to do. Have you got any fail safe tips for keeping your children occupied mid-flight? Let us know!

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