Going off the Grid: How to Switch Off on Holiday

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Holidays are supposed to be an enjoyable experience. After all, most of us spend months painstakingly planning for our precious time away. However, the constant reminders of everyday life (whether it’s through voicemails, emails or even social media updates) can make switching off an inconceivable task. But fear not! Try putting the following advice into action and you can look forward to a stress-free siesta in the sun.

Digital detox

The rise of the smartphone has meant that, for many, leaving for the beach tech-free is near impossible. With an ever-increasing array of digital devices now offering users the chance to communicate through myriad apps, they embody the very stresses most are trying to escape.

If you’re a bona fide digital fanatic, try and leave your devices in the hotel room, or better still, visit a remote destination like the magnificent Maldives to banish the urge to needlessly tap away. Both your holiday and personal health will thank you for it!

Get physical

There’s nothing like the great outdoors, providing you with the perfect way to de-stress from the daily grind while keeping active. Whether this means skiing in the Alps or surfing in the Maldives, there are a whole host of activity-based holidays available for beginners and experts alike. Ditching your tablet for trainers or your smartphone for scuba diving is the perfect way to enjoy your holiday without distractions.

Leave work at work

Holidays are usually personal experiences, and this can mean spending quality time with family who deserve your undivided attention. Checking in with work emails or acknowledging messages from your colleagues will only distract you from your loved ones, ultimately affecting your overall mood. So when you switch on your out-of-office, make sure it’s final.

To truly ensure your colleagues have no reason to contact you during your precious time away, you could also delegate your duties and reiterate your leaving dates well in advance of heading to the airport.


It’s easy to feel guilty when you’re away from work. However, you should try and remind yourself that your holiday entitlement is there for a reason, and that it’s a key component of a well-rounded work life. Not taking holidays can actually be counter-intuitive, leaving you de-energised and de-motivated. Rather than burning out, remind yourself that you have earned your well-deserved break, so you should enjoy it!

Put selfies on hold

With a smartphone in hand, it’s easy to spend your holiday hidden behind a screen instead of enjoying the moment with your own eyes. A great way to switch off is to resist the urge to take selfies. While one or two are perfectly acceptable (we are only human, after all!), you will soon find that cutting back will also stop you from keeping your social networks abreast of your every move. Leave the updates to the end of the holiday – there will be plenty of time for ‘tagging’ and ‘liking’ when you’re back!

Ditching the tech and getting outdoors with your family is a sure fire way to soon forget about the 9 to 5. Go enjoy!

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