How to Warm Up for the Slopes, at Home and Away

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Skiing is a thrilling sport, and if you’re prepping for a ski holiday, there’s no doubt you’ll be excited for the moment you can finally don your skis and feel the wind in your hair.

However, if you want to enjoy yourself as much as possible, perform at your best and ensure you don’t sustain any injuries, it’s important that you go prepared. This means knowing how to warm up properly, both before your holiday and while you’re there.

Here are some suggestions for easy ski warmups:

Before you go


You aren’t about to run a marathon, but skiing won’t be much fun if you’re gasping for breath the whole time. Start with a few gentle runs to increase your fitness level, and push yourself a little further each time.

Check your biomechanics

The idea of ‘practising’ on dry land might sound bizarre, but working on your posture before you’re on the snow can actually prove beneficial. Stand in front of a floor-length mirror with your feet parallel, and check that your knees line up, so they’re directly over your toes. Turn to the side and make sure you aren’t sticking your bottom out or in too far; your pelvis should be in a neutral position to optimise muscle strength.


To refresh your skills and remind yourself of the sensations that come with being on skis, you might even want to have a little practise run at your local dry ski slope. It will give you a chance to hone your balance and gauge whether you’re ready for the real thing.

While you’re there

Fuel yourself

When there’s a day of skiing ahead, it’s important to eat the right breakfast and stay hydrated, so you’re not running on empty or suffering the symptoms of dehydration. Drink lots of water and choose a breakfast that will release energy slowly. If you’re someone who frequently skips breakfast, force yourself to have a banana or a granola bar at the very least. This will kick-start your metabolism and give you some much-needed energy on the slopes.

Practise again

It’s always different when you’re on real snow, so why not warm yourself up with a lesson? We offer ski lessons for all ages and abilities, whether you’re a beginner or fancy yourself as something of a pro. It’s a great option for those who may be less able than the rest of the group – nobody likes to be left in the powder!

Warm up stretches

The last thing you want is to get onto the slopes and pull a muscle because you haven’t warmed up properly. The best way to do this is with mobility stretches. Check out this video from Olympic skier Graham Bell, who talks us through some simple warm up methods.

Are you heading off on a ski holiday this season? Make sure you share these tips with your group to make sure you all come well-prepared.

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